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Jun 23, 2009 – Overstock.com, Artmaker and Recreate reign supreme!

Jun 23, 2009 – Overstock.com, Artmaker and Recreate reign supreme!

In the black says he’s a Social Media guy for Overstock.com. NY native now planted in UTAH. He’s a powder hound, lacrosse coach, Mac enthusiast, wannabe geek and lover of all things social media

Artmaker he’s a (painter, design, illustrator, Web Comics maker) ..and occasional car salesman

Recreate… Randy Elrod is a dreamer, artist, writer, mentor, teacher, musician & founder of the recreate Arts think tank

Rww is Richard MacManus. You can Follow him for ReadWriteWeb for the latest in web technology and social media trends. His stuff is good and he has over 170,000 followers so far.

human3rror is John Saddington. John says he’s a Social Computing Strategist, Technologist, and Web Junkie.

Now forgive me if I pronounce this wrong… daltukhov which I think is web speak for Dimitry Altukhov. Dimitry shares secrets and success, on twitter, social media, mobile apps, iPhone, tech news, global crisis and more. He even tweets In English and Russian. So far 19,000 people follow what he has to say.
i140 is quite interesting having over 15,000 followers. Jason A. Nunnelley says he’s Too old to wait and Too young to quit.

waltmossberg or otherwise known as Walt Mossberg Tech Columnist, is the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal, which has appeared every Thursday since 1991.
mok_oh is the founder and CTO of EveryScape Inc. an MIT spin-off. He says he’s a visual technologist, entrepreneur, versed in web 2.0, holds a Ph.D. Computer Graphics; and a husband and father of 2 beautiful kids. His stuff is quite high level and has over 25,000 followers.
Last on this week’s list is VolcanicNews. I mentioned them last week and thought I should mention them again. We expect great things to come from them.

Well that’s this week’s list. Think your ‘e interesting enough to make it on twit tv?

Submit your account for review here.

234 Responses to “Jun 23, 2009 – Overstock.com, Artmaker and Recreate reign supreme!”

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